This tutorial on how to put on the costume mask may be similar to the other makers, but just in case we would like to show you, how to wear Ayame masks properly....

First, grab the both ends of the polyurethane foam with your both hands.

Very important - while holding the mask horizontally above your head...

...gently put the mask on your face, like it was slowly sinking.

Lastly, already horizontally lying mask tilt vertically and then hook it on YOUR CHIN.

When taking the mask off, just follow the same steps but in the reverse order.



 When you will finally put your mask on, make sure to check your line of sight. Go in front of the mirror and check if the mask is not tilting up. Lot of beginners often match their line of sight with the cameraman, resulting with the "chin-up" photos as the effect of not wearing the mask properly.

 Another important point which in future you have to remember is, that when mask's line of sight is facing straight, check also where are your eyes. If necessary, line of sight may be corrected by adding or removing some of the polyurethane foam inside of the mask.