The fabric that mastered “beauty”.

Described with a single word, the AyameDoll is fabric that mastered “beauty”. Pursuing impalpability, we have replicated the materialistic characteristics of a figure doll’s skin. Where the Miyabi Ayame-tights focuses on the “usability”, the AyameDoll focuses on the “beauty and impalpability”.

あやめどーるタイツ あやめどーるタイツ

The skin of a kigurumi, that has dedicated its entire status towards impalpability, is indistinguishable to the skin of a figure-doll. But this is not all. When you directly look at them or take a picture with a smartphone camera, it is a normal matte skin-tights that has no glare.

However, under certain light, certain shutter speed, certain lighting angle, and certain environment, there is a subtle moment where you get a transparent glare that emphasizes the figure-doll quality and creates a more materialistic expression of the skin.


In passing, bringing out the figure-doll glare may require some photographic knowledge and skill. Although our store carries a SLR camera and a strobe light that allows great lighting, it was difficult to capture this effect with only a beginner’s basic photographic skill. We highly recommend this “AyameDOLL” for people who are confident with their photography skills.

Just in case, we would like to repeat. The product view as a normal matte skin-tights when directly looked upon and on pictures taken on a smartphone.


The photos here are large (approx. 10M). Please utilize them to look at the details.


Opaque Fabric

We use opaque fabric that allows even men who are “bushy” to cover up.

We are not the only store that uses stretchy opaque fabric, but the fabric used elsewhere often become transparent when stretched. Even though they say its full order-made, some use the manufacturing method of making things smaller and creating a tight fit from the stretching of the fabric. Unfortunately, if you forcibly stretch the fabric, the fabric becomes thin and transparent.

At our store, we start from patterns when making full order-made purchases. Because we optimize the stretchiness, it is designed to stay opaque.


Fabric that Reduce Blown out Highlights


↑The picture here was taken under clear weather. Please compare the difference between the mask and bodysuit.

Due to the color rendering property, stretchy fabrics are often influenced by the strength of light. Usually, the fabric colors become more prone to blown out highlights with high sunlight. You can keep a balance of the skin color between the mask and bodysuit by altering location, indoors/outdoors, and light. You must take this balance into consideration or you may be seen as “a kigurumi who has mismatched skin colors between their mask and bodysuit”.

 The skin-tights fabric at the Ayame Store has already taken measures to cope with the color rendering property. They will maintain its color and resist blown out highlights even under bright light.


>>Here for color variety and preview