A stretchable zipper

A concealed zipper

Among the zippers, you can find long-lasting, good quality zippers and cheap, easily breaking ones.

 Breaking the zipper despite its short-time usage happens quite often. Similarly, it's also very easy to forget about high-quality zipper selections despite its extreme importance. Especially during events, what do you do if a zipper suddenly gets destroyed while changing clothes? In order to avoid this kind of dreadful situation, we are only using Japanese zippers without skipping-out on any costs. (of course, since we are a Japanese store, there is necessarily no need to import zippers from abroad

 At our store, we are using two types of zippers - stretching zipper and concealed zipper.

 When looking from behind, a concealed zipper looks better than a stretching one, and is also the one that's traditionally used. Since it doesn't have the opening from turning the suit out, you can't see the zipper while it is not worn. But when put on, because of the fabric stretching from both sides, the zipper line will become visible.

 Please choose a zipper that fits your preference.

 Even though the stretchable zipper only allows about 10% added elasticity to a normal non-stretchable zipper, having some ability to stretch is considered better than none to some enthusiasts.

 This is helpful for those who have trouble reaching a rear zipper on a normal bodysuit, as you can insert a hook or string to pull the tab and fasten the zipper quickly and easily.

 **Although the manufacturer announced the discontinuation of the stretchable zipper production two years ago, they still continue to supply stock. Since availability of the stretchable zipper may end at any time, interested customers are recommended to take advantage of this opportunity immediately, while supplies last.