The bodysuit is often hidden underneath the mask and costume, but the most visible part would be the gloves.

 A glove is something that is normally created with gussets in between each finger and is sewn as a 3D structure. At first glance, sewing two pieces of fabric together, instead of inserting gussets, may seem easier or cheaper. However, in reality, without considering the “thickness of the fingers”, the fabric area covering the hand is insufficient and adds unreasonable force onto the seams if sewn instinctively, causing the gloves to be vulnerable to tears.

 Hence, making a two-piece glove requires extremely high technique. At our store, we use the hand-trace method to directly create a pattern with the skin-tights fabric.  Additionally, we take the fabric’s expansion arithmetic into consideration when manufacturing. Therefore, it holds the same strength as the gloves that are three-dimensionally created.


Completely Fitted Gloves


 The Ayame-Tights Gloves not only fits well at the fingers, but also securely fits around the wrist.