Throat blurring

 Neck wrinkle reduction

 When is comes to skin-tights, the reduction of wrinkles and seams is an important point, which depends mostly on personal taste, that has to be considered during the order. At the Ayame Store, you can choose between two options of neck processing.

 Throat blurring - we recommend it to men and to clients who use them as kigurumi skin-tights. During an event, where you need to move a lot, there are a lot of cases when the head moves up or to other directions without being noticed by the wearer himself. When this happens, the Adam's apple is clearly visible the entire time. But, by adding some wrinkles, we are able to blur the presence of the Adam's apple and hiding it mostly.

 Neck's wrinkle reduction - by adding more seams to the neck and chin area, we are able reduce the wrinkles on the neck to almost 0. Although we are referring to this process as a "reduction", there are almost no wrinkles around the neck to begin with. (Since the neck area is very wide, some wrinkles may be subtly visible depending on which direction the face is facing. That is why we are using the term "reduction".) Since the Adam's apple is not visible if you look down, this processing may not be needed when used entirely for photoshoots because only still moments are captured. We recommend the neck's wrinkle reduction to people who will be using them as women or full bodysuits.