We use a lot of hairstyles similar to the anime characters.

 Especially when it comes to men with broad shoulders, wearing a costume, hair volume is particularly important. If hair volume is too thin, you may create a large imbalance, where the shoulders are exposed, and you look like "Mr. Awfully Good-Built".

Our store hairstyles are made of the components below

forehead + front scalp + temple region + whole hairstyle + upper back of the head + lower back of the head



Forehead: Spiky bangs
Front scalp: Triple Knot Braid Crown
Temple region: None
Whole hairstyle: Long
Upper back of the head: Bigtail
Lower back of the head: Strong sauvage

You can customize a composition like this using our simulator, which you can get access from the transaction page. Please request it here.


Explanation of each hairstyle part




Front scalp

Temple region


Whole hairstyle


Upper back of the head

Lower back of the head



In general, we offer wigs in the colors below. Since wigs are considered special order and made in batches, there may be a chance for it to be discontinued. If you want to purchase a particular color, please hurry with the order.


ピンク Salmon pink
薄茶色 Light brown
茶色 Maroon
黄色 Yellow
青緑 Emerald green
シルバー Silver
ライトブラック Light Black
シアン Cyan
ブルーブラック Blue Black
パープル Purple
オレンジ Orange