Ayame Mask YU-GA(友雅) and RU-GA(流雅) have been made by taking the best parts of the old designs and refining them vastly in different ways.

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AYAME MASK Simulator Available

 Because we bring to life each order one by one, we require some time for their completion. That is why, before deciding the mask’s design, please submit the basic order first. We will then calculate the delivery date, and you can then carefully think about the design, without any rush, of your future mask.

 It may be impossible to change the design after you submit it, so we recommend you to send it at least one month before the expected costume completion date.

Ayame Mask is a detailed composition made of the different parts.

You can customize the mask design by using our simulator. In order to use it, please request the transaction page first, where you will find the necessary URL.


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* Because the file size is quite big, please be aware of your mobile internet data packets when looking on your smartphone.

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Ayame Mask YU-GA



Ayame Mask RU-GA