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Animegao mask - Kigurumi Skin Color, Full Body Suits order
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 First, request the transaction page from here. We will automatically send you an URL to the submitted email address.

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 MAKE SURE TO READ THIS! MAKE SURE TO READ THIS! Although our site is written in English, we can't use English on the daily basis. If you will send us a message in English, it will take us a very long time to reply - it may take even a week. We can't also read longer emails and our eventual replies will be very short and simple.

 If you will have any doubts regarding our products, services etc., please read everything on the page thoroughly first. It should be sufficient for you to be able to order from our website. If not, there might be a very high chance that we won’t be able to fulfil all of your requests.

 Still, if you want to send us an email, please use the Japanese translation service. By paying a small fee, you will be able to contact us freely and get the answers for even the most detailed questions. If you have any questions, we strongly recommend it. You will find it just below.

Japanese translation service

For customers who would like to have a consultation in English, please click on the link below for information about using paid translation services provided by Personal Shopper Japan.

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※ Personal Shopper Japan is a fee-based, translation service. They do not directly handle inquiries regarding products and services provided by the Ayame Store. As a provider of paid translation services, customers using their services will be charged a fee, even if an order is not placed with the Ayame Store during the course of the consultation.

※ Inquiries submitted in Japanese using machine-based translations are not accepted.


  • Do you keep my measurements data? →We have kept all the measurement data since we’ve opened the shop. As we are able to make bodysuits from the measurements taken during the previous order, it is unnecessary to go to the shop again. But in cases where bigger changes have occurred to your body (10kg/22lbs gain or loss), you might have to take your measurements again.
  • Please estimate my order for the costume mask and skin tights.Request the transaction page→Open the transaction page→Continue to the order procedures→Open the order form.You will be able to get an approximate estimation in real time.
  • Where is the measurement page?Request the transaction page→Open the transaction page→Continue to the order procedures→Go to "(STEP 2) If you have sent us the order form and ordered skin tights or full bodysuit..."→From there click on "Fill in your measurements" URL. You will find a page with the attached video on how to take measurements and a form to fill out your measured data.
  • I have sent you an email but I didn't get the reply yet.→ If you have sent us an email in English, there may be a chance that we are unable to reply at all. Please use the Japanese translation service (extra charge) and send it again in Japanese.
  • Currently, how long will it take for the order completion and the delivery?Please check expected delivery date page. After the order is placed, there is no option to change the delivery date.
  • Are you able to complete my order and deliver it within X days(earlier than expected date)? → No, we can't.
  • Please make a copyright-protected character. → No, we can't.