Fortunately, most of the kigurumi users in Japan wears AYAME STORE's body suits.

 Does your workshop receives questions from Japanese customers who are willing to match the color with our AYAME STORE's body suits?  

 We provides correct color for kigurumi mask workshops, willing to match with the AYAME STORE's body suits.

 Basically, our color parts are actual piece of plastic that are cut out from our AYAME STORE's kigurumi mask and below is the color sample  pieces about 5cm x 1cm.
Previously, we used to lend out sample of actual fabrics but now we provides sample plastic pieces which is called color sample to check each colors.

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 The sample of the color parts are shown right in the middle of the chart that are shown above.

 Even the color of your mask has slight difference with the body suites, fabrics that we use will match with your mask.

 In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of fabric factories going bankrupt, and there is no acurate color data when dealing with   a new factory.
Each factory generates its own colors, which may cause slight difference from the past fabrics.
If this problem occurs, it will be a burden for both us and the mask manufacturer to follow the right color each time, so we have set the standard color as the color that will not change, and we fully recommend it.

Conditions and Terms

  • This service is provided only to companies (companies and sole proprietors) that actually sell kigurumi masks. Both domestic and international workshops are welcome.
  • Colored parts are free of charge, but the second and subsequent parts will be charged. Please keep them in a safe place as they are slightly expensive.
  • We admit advertising our name AYAME STORE in your workshop website or SNS. With all of your support AYAME STORE.


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