Let us help you create your own Japanese nickname!

First of all, this document uses google translation. There may be places where you do not understand the meaning, but interpret that part well.

For oversea customers you would long for Japan's name. However, there is a clear difference between the Japanese name and the Japanese nomenclature that the foreigners decided.

So, we would like to propose names that are Japanese. ...... against the customer who bought our product.

I will do experimental volunteer activities. I will give you a nickname  for Japan. Please let us know your favorite photos and your favorite words natively.I will translate them and provide names that will be familiar to Japanese people :)

Let us help you create your own Japanese nickname!

If you want us email us.


着ぐるみパッションな外国人って、ホントすごい日本に憧れてて日本語を使うのがcoolなんだそうで。でもなんでもかんでも kig kig になりがちなので、じゃ、ウチラが好きな風景とか季節とか写真とかを見せてもらって、そこから日本人的な名前を提案しようと思ってる。