Warning. 2020/11/01

Due to the global spread of the new coronavirus infection, we are unable to send international mail to some countries.
We will not be able to accept orders to countries where we are unable to ship by EMS. Please note that we are unable to send orders to countries where we are unable to ship by EMS.

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Ayame Store is a manufacturer and direct seller of made-to-order Kigurumi Masks and Skin Suits

The Ayame Store prides itself in offering personalized services only available within Japan. As an example, customers of our custom-made skin suits are requested to visit our meeting room in order to have their body measurements taken for a perfect fitting product. Most overseas customers are unlikely to be able to purposely visit our meeting room located in Tokyo. For this reason, most of our services are only available domestically.

We have created this English language website offering products and options that are specifically catered to our overseas customers. Since some of our products and services are only available to customers in Japan, they may not appear on our English language website. We accept payment via PayPal and all goods can be shipped internationally by EMS.

Overseas customers can still purchase products and options that are normally offered domestically. Howevever, our staff at the Ayame Store are unable to respond to inquiries in English. This English language website was translated by a voluneteer and not by our staff. Even the simplest inquiries in English are very difficult and labor-intensive for us. For our overseas customers who would like to ask specific questions or would like to have a consultation regarding our products, please feel free to use our translation service (fee-based) for your convenience.