Ayame Tights "MIYABI" is our authentic Kigurumi Skin Suit designed to meet overseas specifications.

We understand that our Ayame Tights "TAKUMI", which is available for sale in Japan, has very strong brand recognition domestically. As it is produced specifically for use locally, it is not considered for use overseas. However, due to increasing demand from overseas, the Ayame Store has for the first time developed a specialized fabric for Skin Suit production that is ideal for export.

The Ayame Tights "MIYABI" is manufactured with the same level of quality and attention as our other products but has also been designed to be tough to withstand various environmental conditions and situations expected overseas.

  • 1mm thick fabric, which completely hides all the body hairs .
  • Since the thread is chlorine-resistant, you can use it with all the washing detergents for normal clothes and even use it at the swimming pool.
  • Additionally, by using quick drying and sweat-absorbing materials, skin tights dry smoothly in no time.
  • We are using Velcro tape resistant fabric, which also doesn’t tend to pill or bobble easily.

↓ To prove this function, we have even made a special video where you can see by yourself the strength of our skin tights.