※ Prices do not include tax and are for reference purposes only. Upon placing an order, additional costs such as shipping charges and actual pricing for product options will be included in an official quotation that will be sent by e-mail.

Color Matching Service


Cost: 1,000JPY

 We will send you samples of the fabric used in the production of our bodysuits. You can choose the fabric color you want from the samples provided. You can use these fabric samples for comparison with your Kigurumi mask to determine the best match.

  • Ideal for customers who want to compare colors of the actual fabric with their existing Kigurumi mask
  • Helpful for customers, who make their own kigurumi masks, to determine a matching paint with the bodysuit fabric.

Add Toes

Additional Cost: 1,000 JPY 

The foot section of the bodysuit is normally shaped like tow-less socks. However, you can request to add "Toes" with this option.

Two-Piece Separation


Additional Cost: 2,000 JPY

 AyameTights and SasaTights are one-piece, full-body suits with a rear zipper from which one uses to wear. This option separates the bodysuit into upper and lower sections. The upper section is pulled over one's head and is secured using snap-on fasteners located around the crotch area. The lower section is worn like pantyhose or like a pair of skin-tight pants.

This separation option eliminates the rear seam as the rear zipper is no longer required. This option is recommended for customers who have trouble reaching the rear zipper on the normal one-piece bodysuits.

Add Crotch Zipper


Additional Cost: 2,000 JPY

A common problem at events is going to the bathroom. When there is a need to go to the bathroom, easily finding a dressing room may be difficult and getting changed can be a time-consuming process. Some people even refrain from drinking anything from the day before. To resolve this issue, we have undertaken this challenge by offering a crotch zipper.

It is important to note that the crotch area endures the most stress from actions such as standing, sitting, walking, and crouching. Fastening buttons would expose what would appear like a flap of skin when viewed from the side and a zipper would make the crotch area look uneven since it cannot stretch. Among these two choices, we decided to use the zipper. This is sown in an area that causes the least visual impact when stretched.

Add Gloves

Additional Cost: 2,000 JPY

 Using leftover fabric discarded from the production of your bodysuit, we can create a separate pair of gloves.

 When getting dressed or putting on your mask with your bodysuit on, the hands section of your bodysuit may endure wear, especially when in contact with Velcro. Using a pair of these extra gloves during such situations will help you protect your bodysuit from damage and extend its longevity.

Add Inner Breast Pockets


Additional Cost: 4,000 JPY

This option adds breast pockets wo your bodysuit. An inner lining shaped into a pocket is incorporated into the bodysuit to create convincing-looking breasts when breast pads are inserted. In order to create natural-looking female breasts, the breast pockets are positioned where one would typically wear a bra and a little distance is added between them.

This breast form option, which can be found being offered by other stores, puts emphasis on aesthetics and is not necessarily intended for use at events or public conventions. As delicate threading is used to bind the inner lining to the bodysuit, forcibly wearing the bodysuit can cause the threads to come apart. Therefore, this option is only recommended for experienced Kigurumi cosplayers.

There have been several cases where first-time kigurumi cosplayers, who ordered this option, ended up damaging their bodysuit. Therefore, we cannot recommend this option for beginners. We suggest that interested buyers should have some experience wearing a regular bodysuit first, before purchasing a bodysuit with this added option. (This is usually the case for bodysuits offered by other stores)

The size of breast pads (not included) to be used is calculated by adding 10cm to your nude bust size. (Prepare a pair of teardrop-shaped breast pads that are about F-cup size to insert into the breast pockets).

  • We recommend using F-cup size (roughly your bust size +10cm), teardrop-shaped, silicon breast pads with this breast pocket option.

  • We do not recommend the following types of breast pads due to their imperfect appearance: Sponge-made breast forms, perfectly-round breast pads, dome-shaped breast pads, brassiere-type silicon busts, etc.