Bought some cheap bodysuit from another manufacturer, wore it a few times and it has ripped apart. But, after buying a bodysuit from the Ayame Store, was shocked with the strength of its material. We here this kind of stories all the time.

An important part of skin-tights is for the thread to not get loose no matter how much you move and also remain perfectly fitted.

Because the tights are base underwear that acts as the costumes skin, it is unnecessary for any distinctive design or uniqueness. More importantly than that, they must be functional and strong. Manufacturing bodysuits require knowledge about sewing technology and its specialization in skin-tights. Please look at the picture below. (it is the inside seam of the armpit area)

Because cosplay-oriented clothes are not made from materials that you would wear everyday, it is unnecessary for them to be made with exceptionally high quality in mind. But in case of bodysuits, the reality is different. They differ from everyday clothes in a way that the fabric sticks to the skin 100%. There is no place for any looseness and the body movement places direct stress onto the thread of the seams. That’s why, (although it may seem paradoxical) the sewing must be both strong and stretchy at required places. Successfully doing this is hard, and it takes considerable time, but at the Ayame Store, we have no place for compromise regarding product quality.