At the Ayame Store, we produce and sell authentic Kigurumi masks made of 100% FRP at affordable prices. Handcrafted in Japan, all of our masks are professionally sculpted by our master artisan. Our masks are also designed to allow the wearer to perform with ease and comfort.

※ All masks available from the Ayame Store are offered on a semi-order basis. Furthermore, we do not accept requests to replicate masks of copyright-protected characters due to copyright laws.

Product Lineup

(99800 JPY + HARD CASE{+2000 JPY} + EMS shipping fee ) + Handling fee(4.2%)

着ぐるみあやめマスク AYAME MASK (Yuki-Sirabe, Inaho-Zusami)

  • Facial Construction: 100% FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic)
  • Hair: Custom-supplied wig using high quality, heat-resistant, synthetic fibers
  • Hair Styles: Click here for available options
  • Eyes: 30 styles to choose from
  • Facial Color: Skin tone colored paint, similar to dolls and figurines
  • Color Options: Eyes and hair can be customized. Each can be colored differently.
  • Size Clearance: 
    • For men under 185cm in height and less than 80kg in weight
    • Head Circumference: Up to 62cm
    • Height of Nose (distance from base of nose to the top of nose ridge): Up to 9cm

Since we are manufacturing our masks bigger than before, there has never been a Japanese person who could not fit their head into the mask. However, please note that even if your mask doesn’t fit you, we don’t offer any refunds, returns or exchanges. So, we kindly ask you to make purchases at your own risk.

  • Prices shown below are for reference purposes only. An invoice with the exact cost will be sent to you by email upon placing the order. (If you want to know detailed prices, please send us the request using the transaction page. You will get an approximate price of your order immediately)
  • Actual shipping fees will be applied. All orders are shipped internationally by EMS.

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  • To protect your order from shipping damage, all orders are shipped to you in a special hard case (+2000 JPY).
  • Click here for information regarding estimated times for product delivery.
  • For order inquiries, please contact us by e-mail